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How do I use this website?

All you need to do is open the website and it attempts to locate you. In order for it to work correctly you must allow us access to your location. You can do so by allowing access in your browser.

In Firefox:

Allow access to location in FireFox

In Chrome:

Allow access to location in Chrome

In Internet Explorer & Edge:

Allow access to location in Internet Explorer & Edge

Mobile browsers will also prompt you in several different ways. Make sure to press Allow, Accept, or OK through each of the prompts.

How does this website locate me?

If you allow it, your browser knows where you are based on your internet connection or mobile phone GPS location. We query your browser using the HTML5 WC3 Geolocation API to obtain your longitude and latitude to find where you are.

We then use Google's Geocoding API to obtain additional information about your location and then send it to the Google Maps API to display your location information on a map.

The accuracy information listed in the table above is how close to your actual location you could be. You will see sometimes it could be miles away or just down the street. It varies depending on what information is available to your browser when we query it.

This is the sample Javascript code that pulls your logitude and latitude information from your browser:

navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(function(location) { console.log(location.coords.latitude); console.log(location.coords.longitude); console.log(location.coords.accuracy); });

You are free to view our source code to get a better idea of how it works.

Disclaimer & Terms of Use

As with most websites, please use responsibly. We try to locate you the best we can, but we do not guarantee your location to be exact. We're not responsible for anything that occurs due to the use of this website's information.

We do not store or save your information, as your privacy is very important to us. Thank you for visiting!